My path to this work began as a child in the kitchens and living rooms of my Grandmothers.   

I would sit quietly and listen attentively as they spoke of old family stories , remedios (traditional remedies),  plants, seemingly magical occurrences and births ---topics so mysterious and exciting to my young mind!  

Even as a child, I felt an incredibly strong connection to my ancestors, these stories and traditional ways.  

As I grew into an adult, I was constantly searching for  "my calling" and work that would honor my traditions while still being of service in the modern world.  

I went on to formally study massage and body work, herbalism and birth and midwifery; and what I found was that all of these practices are intricately and beautifully woven together within my own Xicana cultural and ancestral knowledge. It is the work of a Partera-- A Midwife!  

I love my work because it brings together so many elements of life that I am passionate about: science, nature, intuition, community, sacred mystery and self expression. 

 With gratitude, I thank my Teachers, Elders and my beautiful Partner and Children for their support.


Some of my education includes: 

BA San Francisco State University Dance and Native American Studies

McKinnon School Of Massage

Arvigo Institue

Ohlone Herbal Center, 1 year foundational course

California School of Herbal Studies, year 2 course

Cornerstone Doula Training

Heart and Hands Midwifery Intensive

5 year Midwifery Apprenticeship 

Graduate of National College of Midwifery

Many, many workshops and traditional learning time with various wisdom keepers. 

The joy of this work ,(and life itself) is that learning never stops!