Ancestral Bodywork

Ancestral Bodywork is what I call the work I do. In my culture it is known as a sobada.

Laying on of hands and healing through touch is the oldest form of health care belonging to our Ancestors the world over.

Skilled and intuitive touch helps to effectively re-balance the nervous system, increase blood and lymph circulation, reduce scar tissue and release mood elevating hormones.

It is a powerful way to process and begin to work through experiences our mind may have buried but our body  and spirit has held on to.

Truly Ancestral work is not Transphobic or Homophobic.


In a massage session with me I will begin by listening deeply to you.  

Based on our conversation I will form a plan of care for and with you. This may include incorporating moxa, gua sha, ventosas/ fire cupping, rebozo massage or limpias (energetic cleaning with fresh plants and smoke) .

After your session we'll talk about your experience and I will give you feedback on what I felt and suggestions for continuing to promote your wellness

Abdominal Massage/Sobada

​This deeply grounding and nourishing therapy addresses both the physical and emotional nature of an imbalance.

The work is external and absolutely non sexual.

This work can benefit someone who has just begun menstruating, has painful or irregular menses, uterine fibroids, scar tissue, digestive issues, is recovering from childbirth (vaginal or cesarean), miscarriage, abortion, recovering from abdominal surgery, wishes to become pregnant or is transitioning through menopause. It is also useful for anyone who desires to create a deeper connection to their cycles or who wishes to explore emotional energy that remains stuck in the abdomen.

If a client desires, follow up sessions may include chest/breast massage which further promotes healing emotionally in the womb area and assists greatly in scar remediation, lymph movement and overall chest/breast tissue health.

Bajos/pelvic herbal steams are formulated individually for clients based on their individual needs and assist in bringing circulation to the pelvic region, hydrate tissues, clear old blood and increase cervical fertile mucus.

​An initial session lasts approximately 1.5-2 hrs, 


follow up sessions, 

1 hr $90.00

bajo/vaginal herbal steam,


Prepare for Birth 

Prenatal sobadas ease muscle and skeletal tension, increases circulation and floods the pregnant person with feelings of well being and relaxation which in turn is felt by babies in the womb.

Specialized abdominal massage techniques encourage uterine muscles and ligaments to bring baby into optimum position for ease of movement and birth and is most effective when received with regularity throughout pregnancy.​

Bajos/vaginal herbal steams are offered after 37 weeks of pregnancy.

I recommend :

1 visit per month till 3rd trimester

1 visit every other week till 37 weeks

Weekly till birth

​An initial session lasts approximately 1.5-2hrs,


Follow up sessions, 1hr session, 


​Postpartum Recovery

After your birth journey, your body and spirit need a lot of T.L.C.

Postpartum massage, either in your home, hospital room or my office helps ease muscle tension, rebalance the circulation of blood and hormones, and assists muscles and organs in returning to their pre-pregancy positions.

1 hr. office visit, $90.00 

Home/Hospital visit, $160.00

Post partum Ritual Cerrada/Closing

A traditional Mexican practice done at the end of 40 days post birth, but in modern practice deeply healing after miscarriage or abortion as well.

This ritual is a closing of the physical and energetic  body with herbal vaginal steam, massage, wrapping and ceremony.

Done in your own home with your chosen support people to accompany you through the ceremony.

Please contact me for more information.

Gift certificates for massage are available and make a thoughtful and meaningful baby shower g

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