Birth Is Ceremony

Prenatal, Birth and Postpartum Home Midwifery Care

My care is rooted equally in Traditional Mexican Midwifery, Modern Clinical Practices and Evidenced Based Research....

Prenatal visits, birth and postpartum visits take place in the comfort of your home with the support people you want present.

Regularly scheduled prenatal visits occur:

0-28 weeks, Once a month

28-36 weeks, Once every 2 weeks

36-42 weeks, Weekly 

These visits track the health and growth of you and baby. 

 We also have plenty of time for learning and integrating information as a birth team.

Birth at home has been shown to be safer than hospital birth for healthy, low risk people with far less interventions.

Postpartum care of birthing person AND baby begins as soon as your baby is born and continues for 6 weeks postpartum. 

This care honors the tradition of the cuarentena (laying in of birthing person and baby), lactation/chest feeding support, belly binding, massage, and cerrada de caderas (6 week closing ceremony) 

Ideal clients to work with me value the time, energy, personal and financial commitment it takes to prepare for a birth and postpartum ceremony. 

My clients are aware of the many paths a birth may take and that the care of their midwife can help guide them through the process as it unfolds.



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